OE-FIS, PYA1, Piper-Cheyenne1A
- Commercially operated air ambulance aircraft (AOC-A-106)
- Turboprop engines, 500HP each
- MTOW 3940KG, Max.POB 2+5
- Dedicated Air Ambulance aircraft, max.Range 1200 Nm ( 2000 Km)
- Cruising Altitude 28000Feet (8500m), spezialized medical equipment for ICU patients.
- big cargo door, 2 stretchers +1 seat, or 1 ICU bed + 2 seats
- Operated with 2 commercial pilots and intensive care physician.
- Short runway capability, 650m (sealevel, standard temp., commercially operated)

- operated non-commercial
- Base: Kungwini-South Africa
- range 1000 Nm (1850 km), altitude 20000 Feet,
- operated in Southern Africa - Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique
- backbone of the SHIC-project to reach remote small hospitals in the SADC-area

OE-CAB, C150 light aircraft,
- non commercial operated
- Base, Innsbruck, LOWI
- logistic support for the MIM-Intensivan program and the reddoctors-base in Allhaming/Linz
- can land on any airfield and sustains the frequent heavy Föhn-winds of innsbruck